Camel ride over dunes of erg chebbi desert, Morocco

Camel ride over dunes of erg chebbi desert, Morocco

1 Night Merzouga Camel Trek into the Desert Erg Chebbi


This overnight Merzouga Camel trek starts in the evening after relax at our desert hotel and before the sunset time where you ride a camel into the middle of the Sahara Desert Sand Dunes at your arrival to the tents (camp nomad) you will take the sandboard to Sand Dunes to have a fun and take pictures for the Sunset…

After dinner the party begins. Listening to local musicians play traditional music and drums long into the night with a traditional feast make this trek a must. After spending the night in nomadic tents you will head up to the high dunes for a magnificent sunrise.


What’s Included:

-Room in our hotel to leave your luggage and shower
-Parking for your care if you have
-Camel ride and night in desert
-camel each
-Dinner & Breakfast
-Sandboarding in the dunes

If you have more than just a night you should try the 2,3,4 day Night camel trek in Merzouga.


camel trekking dunes erg chebbi

Camel trekking over the dunes of Erg Chebbi Desert in Morocco


2 Nights Merzouga Camel ride into Desert with Local Family nomad visit